Electrical Safe Isolation Course Birmingham

This training course is to enable persons undertaking types of electrical work to understand the risks associated with incorrect or poor working practices and to provide knowledge and some practical experience of safe working practices.


The course covers the following:
Electric Shock,Types of Protection Against Electric Shock,
Equipment Checks, Health and Safety Legislation,Electrical Legislation,
Risk Assessment Procedure,Documentation Required,
BS 7671 Requirements for Isolation and Switching,
Overview of general requirements of BS 7671, Using The Wiring Regulations BS 7671 and the On-site Guide and GN2
Safety at Work, Basic Principles of Electricity,
Ohms Law, Use of Ohms Law and Power Triangles,
RCD Protection, Safe Isolation Procedure, locking and tagging off,
Permit to Work,
Working Dead and Live,Requirements for Test Equipment and GS 38,
Safe Working Practices, International Protection Codes